What is an Emerging Professional?

If you been in the Commercial Real Estate Industry for less than five years and are new to BOMA (member for less than 2 years), then you are an Emerging Professional! 

Being new in an industry can be challenging and walking into a room full of people you don’t know at an association luncheon can be intimidating.  This committee will connect you with other new members in the industry, and you will have a BOMA buddy (A long term active member of BOMA) to help you with any questions you may have about the association.  The committee also provides education and networking opportunities to grow your career.  There are building tours, fun event planning, fundraising opportunities, lunch & learns, scholarships for designation classes and networking happy hours. Joining a committee can help you learn how to get the most value from your new BOMA membership and is the starting point of many lifelong friendships. No matter your job title or type, you can participate and become an important part of BOMA’s future by being active in our local Emerging Professionals committee.

Have you “Emerged” (in the industry longer than five years, or active in BOMA longer than two)?

There are many committees you can participate in beyond emerging professionals! Please see the website for all the options.  Or you can still help Emerging Professionals by becoming a BOMA buddy or encourage new employees/coworkers to attend an Emerging Professionals meeting or event.  The committee can help provide training and network contacts that a seasoned professional may not have time to give to new employees, helping them to become an asset to your company in no time!

Submitted by Madeline Powers, Cushman & Wakefield and current chair of Emerging Professional Committee