Austin Prop A

This November, Prop A will be on the ballot. Here is what you need to know:
Proposition A would establish minimum police staffing requirements in Austin, based on the city's population. The ballot initiative would require the city to employ at least two police officers per 1,000 Austin residents.
According to Save Austin Now, Proposition A would also:
  • Ensure the Austin police department pairs neighborhoods where a foreign language is most spoken, with an officer that speaks that language.
  • Decrease 911 response times by ensuring adequate police staffing.
  • Ensure better-prepared police response and engagement by doubling the annual hours they receive for training on situations in which they need to remain calm and collected.
If voters approve Prop A in November, the city estimates it could cost between $54 million and $119 million per year.

The ‘No Way on Prop A’ campaign says implementing Prop A would result in a reduction of ambulances to handle COVID-19 and other health crises, family violence shelters, mental health services, substance use programs, housing for homelessness, park rangers, gun locks, safety education, and gun violence reduction.

The Greater Austin Crime Commission, which is a nonprofit that supports central Texas first responders, has commissioned a group of experts to build a police force staffing model that will produce evidence-based recommendations for staffing. Some argue that a fact-based staffing model is the most accurate way to decide what police staffing numbers should be.

On November 2, 2021, the City of Austin is holding a special election to vote on different ballot initiatives, including Proposition A. Early Voting will begin Monday, Oct. 18, and run through Friday, Oct. 29. 
Information provided by 3 Point Partners, BOMA Austin Public Affairs Consultants