Need to Know Before the Election

Austin City Council is giving voters an opportunity to transform the city’s mobility infrastructure on Nov. 3 with a tax rate election for a $7.1 billion investment in a mass transit rail system, and a $460 million active mobility bond.  Below are two webinars presented both in favor and in opposition.

Expect to see your property taxes increase by at least 20% next year... Find out why and how you can stop it by viewing this timely WEBINAR.  Our Mobility Our Future will explain why you shouldn’t vote for Prop A this November. Make sure to educate yourself on all issues before heading to the ballot box.  Presented by Gerald Daugherty, soon to be retired County Commissioner who has a passion for Transportation.

Austin’s population is expected to double by 2040… so post-COVID traffic will get even worse. CapMetro is hoping to fix that.  In this WEBINAR, Transit Now reviews the reasons why Project Connect is going to better serve the future of Austin – economically, equitably, environmentally, and for the best part, reduce Austin’s traffic. Presented by: Wade Cooper, Chair of Capital Metro Board of Directors & Patrick Rose, President of Corridor Title.