Why You Should Enter TOBY!



“The Best of the Best”

BOMA has been recognizing and rewarding those who have achieved the highest standards in commercial building management for more than 20 years. The Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) is the standard by which all buildings and property management teams are judged.

Why do building owners and property managers enter the TOBY competition?

·       Everyone who enters the TOBY competition is a winner—not only the buildings, but the management teams as well.

·       At each of three levels—local, regional and international—winners are recognized by their peers and throughout the commercial real estate industry.

·       All entered buildings receive publicity while winners will get special recognition in the press, through the BOMA organization and in the industry.

·       Building owners will know that their properties meet the highest commercial real estate industry standards.

·       Each building will receive a free comprehensive review as well as constructive feedback from the judging team.

The Benefits to Owners of Winning a TOBY Award:

·       Winners will receive local and national press coverage, recognition in trade publications, business journals and newspapers.

·       Winners will have an outstanding leasing message for prospective tenants and renewals.

·       Tenants will share the pride in their building being selected The Outstanding Building of the Year.

·       Winners will get recognized at local, regional and international levels.

·       Winners will garner recognition for their building from other industry professionals.

Simplified Entry and Judging Process:

·       There is a low cost registration fee, and a simplified process in getting your building competition-ready.

·       Local winners can be judged in the regional and international competition by people from all over the world and from a variety of specialized backgrounds.

·       Regional judging is completed online in an easy and quick format.

The international winners will be recognized at BOMA International’s Annual Conference and Every Building Show held yearly in June/July. Your building and your management team are already winners. Take it to the next level, be the “Best of the Best”--- Become the next TOBY winner!